Security Cameras for Business – 10 Tips for buying the right one

security cameras for business

In order to safeguard your business, you need to install security cameras of different types in your premises. You can find security cameras with advanced technological features today. Although amazing, the great technology utilized in the cameras can make the decision-making process a little hard. However, the following tips in the article can help you in making an informed decision about the type of security cameras to opt for.

Remote Viewing

Remote access is a very common reason for businesses to invest in security cameras. Therefore, you must always choose a camera that facilitates remote viewing so that you can monitor over your employees in your absence through the internet.

Motion Trigger

Since you will not be able to keep a check on the security cameras all the time, you will need a system that will alert you in case of predetermined conditions. You must always look for a camera that senses motion and instantly sends you an alert.

Number of Remote Users

You will not want any random person to access the video recordings of your security cameras. Therefore, you must look for security cameras with software, having only a specific number of people to get access to remotely view the videos.


Since you will be using the internet for remote viewing, the size of the video file and the number of viewers will impact the bandwidth amount. Therefore, you must choose security cameras that fit the bandwidth you require. A security consultant can help u calculating it.

Lighting Conditions

You must also look for the lighting conditions in the area where you want to install the security cameras. To view details, you need to have either good lighting in that area or video surveillance systems that can capture the images in low light or poor lighting conditions.

Investigative Detail

If you want to get enough detail from your recorded video to investigate recorded events, you must invest in a CCTV Camera and DVR that can zoom in the recorded images. This can help in getting meaningful details that you require for your investigation.

Wide Dynamic Range

The bright light of the rising or setting sun can blind the camera if it lies in the path. To avoid this, you must always look for security cameras having a wide dynamic range. Such a camera will make the necessary compensation in the lens and produce quality images even if installed in the sunlight path.


You may want to add more video cameras to your system in the future. So, make sure that the security camera installation is expandable and you can adjoin more cameras without investing in another DVR.

Analog vs IP

The installation costs of CCTV system are quite high. So, you can consider installing IP cameras that can be accessed on your computers via internet connectivity. This will reduce installation costs as well allow you take the advanced benefits of IP cameras.

Smartphone Compatible

Another thing to ensure is the DVR is compatible with your Smartphone. This will allow you to access the recorded images or video clips on your phone from anywhere in the world

Follow the above-mentioned points to buy the right kind of security cameras you will be happy with.