Tips to Match Your Hairstyle and Makeup

Hairstyle and Makeup

A new hairstyle in new hair color is what people consider whenever they want to change their appearance. A new hairstyle, whether from a long length to short hair or just an addition of bangs, boosts your confidence. Hairstyle reflects your personality, and you must always select a hairstyle that matches your face shape and skin tone.

Tips to Match Your Hairstyle and Makeup

1) Change your Eyeshadow

An eyeshadow is a good place to begin. Although many women prefer neutral eyeshadows, it doesn’t mean that neutral is the best. If you have taken a darker hair color treatment, you can consider wearing a brighter shade of eyeshadow to get a bolder look. But, if you get a light hair color treatment, consider a darker eyeshadow. Neutral shades or even brighter shades can give you a washed-out appearance. You can go with a neutral shade if you have rainbow hair. Get your eyeshadow palette replaced with the right one that compliments your hair.

2) Change your Lip Liner

Use a subtle lip liner to highlight your hairstyle if you have vivid hair color. For instance, a nude lip liner can be the right match for your hair color with purple or blue hues. On the other hand, a statement lip liner like red, burgundy, or chocolate will be perfect for highlighting your hairstyle in a lighter shade like platinum blonde. If your have a vivid and colorful personality, let your lip liner to compliment it.

3) Wear the Right Foundation

Your skin clearly defines your look. Therefore, you must find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Instead of making your skin noticeable, all you want is your skin to appear flawless. If your foundation is even one tone off, your makeup can look thick or heavy and can thus draw the wrong attention. So make sure to choose a perfect foundation giving a smooth makeup look. To highlight your bright-colored hair, use perfect foundation to contour your face with it and let your hair color shine.

4) Choose a Perfect Blush

Whenever you consider highlighting and contouring, do not forget to add a pop of color to your cheeks. Consider a rosy color for your cheeks that is perfect for all types of hair colors. You can also add a little pop of color using a crème blush.

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