Is it possible to File for Divorce without a Lawyer?

Filing a divorce

Divorce is not something that a person plans for or foresees when he/she gets married. Naturally, no sane person will think of getting married only to get divorced later on. The emotions of love and the dreams of a ‘perfect happily ever after’ don’t let a lot of people think and act safely.

But the reality of divorce is inescapable for a lot of couples in the present times due to various reasons. This is clearly known from the increasing number of couples opting for divorce. Opting for divorce is not so much of a problem in itself if it is done amicably. But, sadly, it is not the way in a lot of cases, resulting in a lot of mess and bitterness and needing the intervention of a legal professional.

On the other hand, there are certain situations in which you can finalize the divorce without needing a lawyer. Let us have a look at some of the situations and find out which option will be better: (a) to hire a lawyer or (b) to file for divorce on your own.

Mutual Decision

If the decision to get divorced is a mutual one then you are past one hurdle already. If the divorce is not desired by anyone among the couple, then the services of a lawyer can be needed to persuade the other person or the court to grant the divorce.


Divorce is not the separation of only two individuals, it can also mean the division of a lot of other things and children. After the granting of divorce, comes the question of dividing children’s custody, property, loans, and mortgages, etc.

If the division of all these can be decided amicably between the couple then the divorce can be finalized without needing a lawyer.

Alimony, Spousal Support, and Custodial Issues

There are high chances of one individual being less capable than the other. This may result in the need for financial support to the spouse and/or children, according to the case specifics. It is possible that the already decided financial arrangement may need some changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

If these aspects aren’t agreed to by anyone then a lawyer is needed to amicably solve the differences and finalize the divorce.

Legal Hassle

Even if everything is hunky-dory between you and your spouse as far as the divorce is concerned, it is still advisable to hire a paralegal or lawyer to see the whole process through. The reason is that there are a lot of forms to be filled, documents to be submitted. It is also possible that there can be certain things that skipped your mind but your lawyer will know to take care of, out of experience and awareness of the legal system. Thus, hiring a lawyer will free you from the hassles of all the legal red tape and ensure that every single thing is taken care of, no matter how big or small.

Consult an experienced lawyer at least once before finalizing your divorce so that you can avoid troubles later on.