How to choose tents for camping?

camping tents

Whether you are out in the market to purchase a camping tent for the first time or want to upgrade your purchase with more modern features, you have landed on the right page. This article will guide you in choosing the best camping tent for your needs.

Consider the sleeping capacity of the tent

Well, the first thing to consider is the number of people who will be camping with you. Though every tent mentions the tent size, there is no industry standard defining tent size per person. As general advice, you must consider up-sizing your tent capacity by one person. It will help your tent to become roomier and even more comfortable.

Consider the seasonality of tent

There are two types of camping tents based on seasonality – 3 season vs 4 season tent. The 3-season tent can withstand the weather conditions of autumn, summer, and spring. It usually is light in weight and comes equipped with mesh panels for boosting airflow. 

The 4 season tent is a strong tent engineered to handle fierce winds and snow. Because this type of tent makes use of more poles and heavy fabric, it is usually bulky.

Consider these key features of the tent

1) Peak Height – The peak height of the tent is one of the basic things to look for before finalizing a tent. The dimension chart of the tent mentions the peak height, so look for a taller one.

2) Tent Style – You can opt for a cabin-style tent if you are camping with your family. The near-vertical walls of these tents maximize the living area. These may also come with room dividers and vestibule doors. This style of tent offers more privacy and space.

You may also like to go in a dome-style tent if you are camping with your small family or a small group of friends. This tent style can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. A dome-style tent is quite strong and offers wind shielding capabilities to withstand a stormy night.

3) Tent Doors – Always think of the number of doors that you may need, along with the shape and orientation of each. Also, see how noisy or easy it is to zip open or shut a door. When camping with the family or large groups, the last thing you would want to do is climb over one another for bathroom breaks during the night. So choosing a tent with multiple doors is always a great idea.

This article will surely help you out in finding the best outdoor camping tents according to your requirement. But always keep your specific budget in mind before investing in a particular kind of camping tent. Remember that the additional features and the material used in fabricating the tent will increase its price. Therefore, take every single detail into it and then find an option that is cheap and best.