Things to know before renting a Party Bus

renting a party bus

Renting a party bus is one of the hottest ways of transportation. Listed below are a few tips that will not only help you to get the best bus but a great and unforgettable experience too.

One tip which is not mentioned below is booking the bus far in advance so that you don’t get puzzled at the last moment. Moreover, you will also get enough time to negotiate on the price and the bus you want.

5 Tips for Renting a Party Bus

1) Selection of Vehicle

The selection of a vehicle depends on the number of passengers. Party Buses comes in different sizes. Starting from 13 Passenger Sprinter Van to 56 Passenger Coach Buses, you have an array of choices. You should always know the headcount before you hire a party bus. It is important because you will never want to rent a 30 Passenger Party Bus with 20 people onboard. Similarly, you will also not like to crowd the 18 passenger party bus with 25 people.

2) Set your Destination

Before renting a party bus, you should decide the destination or the route of the bus you would like to go from. Your driver needs to know this so that he can plan the route while ensuring safety and timely arrival. You can have multiple stops in your journey but that needs to be informed in advance. Like, going to a concert and having a dinner break at any restaurant on the route.

3) Consider the Cost

Cost is the most important thing to be considered before renting a party bus. While most of the party bus rentals work on an hourly basis while a few have a fixed price for a fixed destination. The pricing of the bus also depends on the capacity of the bus and the amenities it offers.

4) Decide on Refreshments

While renting a party bus for a bachelor party or reunion, it is fair likely to consume alcoholic beverages. Check with the company about their policies for food and beverages.

5) Snacks are a must

Usually, a party bus rental is more than 6 hours. You might get hungry! Even though your night out includes dinner but still a few will call for some light snacks. Usually, transportation companies can make arrangements for snacks when told in advance but you can also purchase them as per your requirements before the trip begins.

Party Buses are fun! It is most likely that you extend your party bus rental by 30 to 90 mins. Consider increasing your budget while hiring a party bus for prom night, bachelor party, night party or any other event.