Wireless Security System – The Pros and Cons

Wireless Security System

When talking about a wireless security system, a few of the below mentioned things come to mind.

  • A security system that makes use of digital signals to send alerts to a monitoring center often a digital video recorder.
  • The security system that includes motion sensors, which connects to the control panel via radio frequencies.
  • A home automation system that makes use of a Wi-Fi network for establishing a connection with the home security system.

A wireless security system usually includes all of the above-mentioned features.

Why is Wireless Security Systems so popular?

Wireless Security Systems have gained and are still continuing to gain popularity among masses. This is because the technology being used in such systems continues to improve. A wireless security system has its own pros and cons. Let’s check them out below.

The Pros

Self-Installation – Professional installation is not required in a wireless security system as it is fairly easy to install security cameras. Also, the install process doesn’t take much time. It can be completed in almost 2 hours. Since the windows and door sensors make use of self-adhesive and you are just required to peel and stick the equipment, the installation is quite easy. Because of this is the wireless security system is aesthetically beneficial. You will not have to drill holes on your walls.

Improved Security – A wireless security system offers improved security because of the cellular technology it uses. Unlike the wires of a wired system, which can be easily cut with scissors and disarmed, there is no way of disarming a wireless security system.

Install Anywhere – In a wired security system you have to install it near the landline cables. But because there is no dependency on landline wires in the wireless security systems, you get the freedom of installing it anywhere.

You can transfer it with yourself – Unlike the wired security system, a wireless security system can be easily carried with you and mounted almost anywhere you like. You just need an adhesive to install a wireless security system and therefore it can be taken with you anytime.

The Cons

Limited Range – Wireless monitoring equipment has a limited range. If you have an average house, then a wireless security system would work efficiently. But, if your house is big, then adding sensors in far places can make the monitoring tough. However, a Wi-Fi booster or extender can be used in such a case to avoid this limitation. Using any of these equipments allows the sensors to reach every nook and cranny of your home.

Cellular Interference – Your wireless security system can experience interference. It can have issues with electromagnetic devices like baby monitors etc. In case you receive weak cellular signals in your area, you might experience issues.

After knowing the pros and cons of a wireless security system, you can decide whether or not to install it or go for a wired security system.