Latest Food Photography Trends

food photography trends

As the foodie culture has taken a boom, food photography is also on the rise due to which the demand for professional food photographers has also increased. Not only does professional food photography helps in promoting your brand, but it also helps in increasing the customers to your food joint, or visitors to your food blog, etc.

Now that we are aware of the importance of food photography, you must choose a food photographer who is very well aware of the current photography trends that will make your marketing strategy a big hit. Here, we have a few of them.

Latest Food Photography Trends

Food in motion

Although not a new thing, the use of animated GIFs in food photography is one of the trends that is gaining abundant popularity. Since animated GIFs bridge the gap between a video and a still photograph, the storytelling potential of the food item in motion increases. A GIF usually includes a single or two articles in an image in an action loop, while the remaining image remains still. Such a short looping video, with food items as the main subject, can speak a thousand words and narrate a story better than a still photograph.

Less is more

The concept of less is more or minimalism is being followed by almost every industry, and food marketing is no exception. Earlier the food photographers used heavy propping and garnishing on food items to make the picture look more detailed. They also made use of perfect kitchen backdrops with the food item as the centerpiece. But now that is a thing of the past. The photographers focus more on the food and drink itself and not on the props and backdrops with which the story was usually attached. They make use of simple layouts and focus more precisely on the lighting and surfaces.

Go monochromatic

Another popular trend in food photography is going monochromatic. In this, the photographers make use of single-colored lighting, surfaces, and a food item to make the images reflect out. Not only this one color family look is stylish, but also an elegant and subtle way of presentation. This trend is very seriously followed by the flourishing world of plant-based food. The vividness is added by the ingredients of the dish in a contrasting tone.

Highlight with abstraction

The trend of abstraction has come up from the plating techniques utilized in fine dining and is now at the forefront of different food bloggers. Every tiny component of the recipe is highlighted in this trend. A similar dish is used as a muse in this technique pretty often. Even though this kind of plating technique seems to be a kind of fashion in food photography, but it engages the audience on social media to get their heartfelt reactions.

Visually arrest with scatter-plating

This technique can be referred to as a visually-arresting type of abstraction. Inspired by Jackson Pollock’s esque art, each of the ingredients and compounds of a recipe is placed on a simple surface. The food photographers capture the still in his camera whimsically and unusually, so that the person who sees it, wants to know what will it look like when all of those are put together. This technique of scatter plating sets off mouthwatering realizations in the audience.

Achieve dimensionality by layering

This trend of layering focuses on the geometric aesthetic. The photographers layer the ingredients to get a dimensionality and create unusual thinking about the various components of the dish. Each component is arranged is a different way in layering that adds a depth and a sculptural element to the picture captured.

Using candid images

For creating your brand authenticity, and letting your audience know who and what your brand is, utilizing the candid photography will be worth it. Capturing the shots of the ingredients used grown in fields, or taking shots of your staff preparing the recipe in the kitchen will catch the attention of the audience.

Hit the right note with rustic charm

Food shots in a rustic charm are often nodded to by professional food photographers. This type of trend is generally followed by professionals when it comes to food photography of your restaurant that has a rustic feel. In such a trend, raw and colorful ingredients are used to garnish the healthy-looking dishes, giving the dish an artistic feel. The photographers also feature nature and the things found naturally in their images, which add color and life to the photos.

Experiment with lighting

Not to mention, lighting plays a very crucial role in photography, and when specifically talking about food photography, soft diffused light has been used for over a decade now, no matter what kind of food is shot. This was quite because one could catch all the details of the food item even in artificial light or shadow in soft lighting. But now, the photographers want to add drama, dimension, and depth to each of their images and therefore make use of more dramatic lighting, both natural and artificial. Experimental lighting techniques are now being utilized by food photographers.

Going old school

Acoustic food presentation items including tall glass mugs, copper utensils, wooden boards, and others of the sort have been used as food photography skills in the old times. These are again showing up as the latest trend used by many contemporary food photographers. All of these old school items are utilized as props to modify the overall quality of the food images.

Now that styling and photographing food to gain maximum engagement is more than important. No matter what trend the photographer follows, you need to ensure that it delivers your message in the right way to the potential audience creating excitement regarding your brand.

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