Hiring an Architect? – Consider These Things

hiring an architect

There are a few things you need to consider before hiring an architect for your home, office or any other construction site. Unless you know the architect you should shop around before hiring one to design your new home or office. Since architects charge different fees for their services offered, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right one for you.

Things to consider before hiring an architect

1) Budget & Timeframe – While hiring an architect, the first and foremost thing to discuss is the budget required and the timeframe for completion of the project.

2) Feasibility Report – Do not forget to ask for a feasibility report before designing gets started. This will help you to understand the complexities of the project and the cost of development.

3) Get Clarification – Confirm this with the architect whether they are going to just design the blueprint or will also do supervision of construction site until completion.

4) Use a ‘Mood Book’ – You should always use a mood book while briefing an architect. Mood book is simply a book that consists of images of rooms, materials, furniture, and fixtures. By showing visuals, you can better explain your idea to the architect.

5) Past Portfolio – Do not blindly trust on anyone’s recommendation as everyone has a different taste. While hiring an architect, ask them to show their portfolio. Ask them whether they have any experience in dealing with your type of construction.

6) Additional Fees – Several architects charge a progressive fee for various stages of the project. The initial design, final design, briefing to the builder, project supervision can be the phases where they may ask for additional fees. Ask if they work on an hourly basis or a fixed percentage of construction costs.

7) Number of Designs – How many initial designs will be shown? Will there be flexibility in revisions? How many revisions can be done? Do not forget to ask all these questions before hiring an architect.

8) Level of Detailing – Discuss the level of detailing in the design. Will they include ceiling design, cooling vents, electrical switch points, lighting points, and types, etc.

9) Handling Permits and Surveyors – Ask if they are going to prepare the permit documents and submit them with the concerning departments. Are they going to handle the inspectors (surveyors) and redesign the draft in accordance with compliance. Confirm whether they will bear the council fees and surveyor’s fees.

10) Regular Meetings – Make sure that the architect is available for regular meetings if he is going to be your project manager. To eliminate indecisions and delays, you should regularly discuss your work progress with the architect.

Quality, time and cost are the three factors involved in every construction project. It is often difficult to find harmony among all three. The building process can become easy if you work closely with your architect and builder. It is very important for you to clear the responsibilities of each well in advance.