7 Must-Try Japanese Cuisines

Japanese Cuisines

With the increasing extent of globalization, the world is indeed becoming a global village in various terms like finance, culture, lifestyle and most importantly, food. Now, various cuisines and dishes are reaching to various corners of the world. Now, we can try out various cuisines without actually going to that country or place and sometimes, even in the comfort of our home.

But, in such times, maintaining the authentic taste of the selected cuisines is also very important. Professional and experienced chefs are very much necessary while creating such authentic and exotic cuisines because they hold the true finesse in creating such dishes.

The Japanese Cuisines

One such mouth-watering cuisine is the Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisines can be divided majorly into two categories, i.e. traditional Japanese cuisines and modern Japanese cuisines. But, irrespective of that, one of the famous Japanese cuisines, Sushi, is an all-time favorite of almost everyone. But, traditional and modern Japanese cuisines are so much more than just Sushi.

So here we have prepared a list of 7 must-try Japanese cuisines that will not only satiate your hunger but also tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting for more!

1) Chicken Paitan Ramen

Chicken Paitan Ramen

The dish is made up of noodles in white chicken broth soup, chicken chasyu, eggs, and pickled ginger. It is a must try for all the chicken lovers who are wishing to try a new variety of chicken.

2) Yakisoba


Yummy ramen noodles stir-fried with cabbage, onion, carrots, hondashi and served with bonito flakes and ginger pickle. This dish is a perfect option for vegetarian noodles lovers.

3) Macha Cheese Cake

Macha Cheese Cake

This dessert is a healthier version of cheesecake. Packed with the goodness of cheese and green tea, this dessert will surely not only satisfy your cravings for something sweet but will also take care of your diet and system.

4) Macha Tiramisu

Macha Tiramisu

For those who like their desserts cold and thick, Macha Tiramisu is perfect. It has the basic ingredient of Macha Cheese Cake, i.e. Philadelphia cheese and macha powder. Macha Tiramisu is an Italian custard dessert which also has a flavor of vanilla syrup and is topped with whipped cream.

5) Gindara Saikyoyaki

Gindara Saikyoyaki

This cuisine is a mixture of traditional as well as modern Japanese cooking. This dish’s main ingredient is cod fish marinated in black miso. Miso is traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and a type of fungus called koji.

6) Harumaki


All of us love spring rolls and when it gets a Japanese twist, it only gets better. Harumaki is authentic Japanese spring rolls served with a sweet chili sauce that gives it the desired authentic Japanese twist.

7) Potato Korroke

Potato Korroke

This dish is a must try for all the potato and potato-fries lovers. These are mashed and deep fried potatoes with mayo on top and are served with bulldog sauce.