How to pick the best Stainless Steel Cookware?

stainless steel cookware

Home cooking is a tiresome occupation practiced less and less often by the modern family, but when it is given enough attention, it offers the possibility of obtaining the most economical and healthy meals. To prepare an appropriate variety of food, a real chef knows that the cookware can be as important as his passion for cooking.

The quality of the cookware when you thermally process the ingredients will inherently condition the results as well, which is why everybody should go with stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel is appreciated for its resistance and sustainability. It does not stain and gives food containers a consecutive shiny appearance as if they were new.

Because more models are more useful than one, the stainless-steel cookware is the best long-term investment for a person who is interested in healthy cooking.

Here are the four conditions that must be met in pick the best stainless steel cookware:


It is an imperative characteristic of a food container that is to be thermally processed. Stainless steel is, in fact, a mix of steel, carbon, and chromium, in different proportions. It is stainless due to a fine skin that is obtained by combining chromium with the oxygen from the metal surface and that protects it when he contacts with other substances and materials.

Even if the alloy is metallic, the conductivity of the stainless steel is weak, inferior to other materials used in cookware. More precisely, the heat is not uniformly distributed to the bottom and through the walls of the cookware, and thus the foodstuff is exposed to different temperature and cooked non-uniformly. The food can stick or burn at the bottom of the container, where the hot plate warms up directly. It not only affects the taste, but the cookware will also be difficult to keep them clean and sanitary.


It is a property that has to be taken into consideration. Some metals that enter into the composition of some cookware can chemically react to some substances from the foodstuff and thus change their taste. For example, aluminum can respond to acid juice.

For this reason, if you choose an aluminum core cookware, be sure that it is covered in steel, to avoid the contact with the food and its reactivity to it. Thus, thermal conductivity is assured, and the food keeps its natural taste. On the other hand, steel does not chemically influence food at all, which makes it very reliable to use.


It refers to the total volume of the cookware or even at the differences between the size and the models. Sets that include similar models and that have different capacities are a bit cheaper than those who offer a larger design diversity of products. The more capacity option you have, the easier it is for you to adapt it to the number of plates that you wish to prepare. Thus, you save energy by warming up the needed quantity of foodstuff, and you do not waste any food.


It is it an important factor because it has to be adapted to the goals that the potential user followed when he decided to buy the stainless steel cookware. If you want to save some money as well, you can choose sets with less number of cookware, but that can be used for the most important types of food. You do not have to regret any substantial investment because the life duration of the best stainless steel cookware is more than ten years.