How to get the most out of your workout?

workout hacks

Many people make the classic New Year’s resolution of getting fitter and stronger in the coming 12 months. If you did the same, then hopefully you have stuck to your plan and have spent all year getting in great shape.

If you have been working out at home or the gym but haven’t seen the results you were hoping for, then don’t despair. Very often, the answer to this is just tweaking your workout sessions to get the most from them. A few of the right changes can have a big effect on how effective your exercise sessions are and the results they deliver.

Here are some great workout hacks that you can use to get healthier.

Compression Wear

Compression wear is a workout secret used by many of the top athletes. This type of specially designed clothing is not only great-looking and comfortable, but it also helps to reduce stiffness or soreness during and after your workouts. This not only means that you can do more in your sessions but also reduces gym time missed due to your body not recovering from your previous one.

Get a Plan Written

Whether you hit the local gym or fit some exercise in at home, you need a solid plan in place that tells you what your session will involve. This will stop you wasting time wandering around deciding what to do and getting overwhelmed by too many choices. A well-thought-out plan will also mean that you are doing exercises or using machines that will actually help you achieve your workout goals.

Ditch the Phone

Many people will carry their phone with them into the gym or have them on the side at home when working out. This is a bad idea as you will be too tempted to break off every few minutes to reply to a text or check out your WhatsApp group. In the long run, this eats into your workout time and will mean that you see poorer results. Maximize the time you have to exercise by leaving your phone in your locker or bedroom.

Consider Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are ones that target a group of muscles with one single exercise. Think of exercises such as squats or lunges to get the idea. The beauty with this type of exercise is that it gives you more time in your session to do other things while also working out more muscles than with isolation exercises alone.

Get the most from your Workout

If you are not seeing the results that you want from your current workout, then it is perhaps time to change it up a bit. By really thinking about what you want to achieve and selecting the right kind of exercises in a set plan, you will already be well on the way to working out smarter. By following this and the other tips we have looked at, your workout goals will soon be achieved.