Gambling Addiction – Symptoms, Causes & Effects

Gambling Addiction

It is said that there are no short-cuts in life, but people keep on looking for shortcuts to gain more money. Gambling is considered one such way to gain more in a short period of time. With the advantage of 24-hour internet service, people can spend more time on online casinos and betting sites at any time from any location. When just fun gambling converts into something you are ‘bound to do’, it is termed addition. So, online gambling addiction occurs when you can’t stop yourself from gambling in spite of all the damages it is causing you.


The symptoms of gambling addiction are similar to any kind of addiction. Some of them are:

  • Not being able to stop yourself from gambling.
  • Spending more time in casinos and online betting sites.
  • When you can’t afford to place bets and you are still gambling.
  • Hiding money and secretly playing in spite of concern from family and friends.
  • Experiencing depression, mood swings, anxiety, etc.


There could be several reasons behind this addiction. One main reason is desperation to win money. Many people lose money in bets and get desperate to win back the amount lost. This makes them gamble more from getting into addiction. Boredom is another cause behind people gambling and soon this habit and fun become an addiction.


Too much gambling can cause many emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and self-harming symptoms. Sometimes, people try to end their lives due to severe depression and anxiety problems. Weight-loss, weight-gain, sleep deprivation, etc. are also some effects of gambling addiction. Getting into drugs and alcohol can be another effect of addiction from gambling. Excessive gambling can spoil relationships, damage your career and destroy families.


A gambling addict should join a rehabilitation center where he gets proper care, advice, and medicines to treat his gambling addiction. These addiction treatment centers offer rehabilitation ranging from counseling sessions to full residential care.