5 Gifts for Employees that they will Love

employee appreciation gifts

Retaining employees is a tough job these days. You hire them, train them, equip them and they vanish in no time, job-jumping to another company. How can one retain employees and infuse loyalty in your staff? One way is by offering them gifts.

Gifts are a mark of appreciation and belonging in the company for employees. At least 62% of the companies give out gifts to employees at least during New Year or the holiday season.

Choosing the right gift for employees is a challenging task as the gift must please the employee and not make them feel more irritated or dissatisfied with the company.

Desk Organizer

Standard Kraft Organizer

Every employee likes to be organized but most often can’t. Most of the times, their desks are cluttered and they have to hunt for highlighters, pins or post-it memos. Why not gift them a cute  Standard Kraft desk organizer that will tidy up their desk and keep everything at arm’s length for easy reach? Any employee will love this eco-friendly product that just helps him/her to increase their work efficiency. This Standard Kraft Organizer has highlighters, U pins, Stapler, Sticky notes, Post it markers and even a calendar leaflet. How convenient, isn’t it!

Pocket Notepad

Kraft based Pocket Wiro NotepadIt is the age of smartphones. But who said a paper is out. People still reach out for a slip of paper to doodle, scribble and express their creativity or jot down their ideas. This is why this  Kraft -based Pocket Wiro Notepad is just the thing to gift your employees. This Kraft pocket pad is not just a notepad, it also has colourful page markers and sticky notes. Perfect for the pocket and rightly priced, this gift will be adored by your employees.

Cube Kraft Box

Cube Kraft Box

Want something cute and functional? Go in for this Cube Kraft Box for your employees. Elegant in design and efficient in purpose, this Cube Kraft Box is just the thing to have on any employee’s desk. With note pages, colourful page markers, sticky notes and a place to hold the visiting cards, this “all-in-one” Kraft cube is an ideal desk accessory for any employee. Gift this gift with your company branding to your employees and watch them handle it with care and pride.

Magnet Kraft Pad

Maganetic Kraft PadClassy and elegant, this gift is the perfect souvenir for your employees. with coloured note pages, a pen, sticky notes and post-it memos, this Magnet Kraft Pad is the ideal accessory for office and travel purposes. Available in pleasant colours with a sturdy magnet for locking and a side flap for opening, this Magnet Kraft Pad is a definite must for your peers, colleagues and fellow employees.

Kraft Multipurpose Tray Open Box Kit

Kraft Multipurpose Tray Open Box

The last is always the best and this is true of this last gift to be suggested for employees- the Kraft Multipurpose Tray Open Box Kit. Fabricated as a box and opening up as a tray, this unique desk organizer has a pen-holder, visiting card holder,  pins, colourful post it memos and a stand. Completely functional, this Kraft Multipurpose Tray Open Box Kit is the favourite gift of all employees.

All the above gifts are sturdy, functional, economical and eco-friendly. They are gifts that they will simply love and cherish for a long time. Select these chosen gift for your employees and gift them wholeheartedly and watch them feel gratified and work harder towards your company’s success.