Why does it take longer for some to lose weight?

lose weight

Losing weight is all about a simple cliché. It is calorie consumed versus calorie burnt. Many Tv commercials, print ads, radio jingles, and magazines are promising weight loss overnight, but in reality, losing weight is a long time process. It not only requires external medications and support but also dedication and willpower to tolerate the existing hours of exercise and to bear with the not so delicious food diet. If one has to get rid of the extra pounds, an all-around discipline is required. From less calorie consumption to keep a note on the daily liters of drinking water to a physical regime is extremely important. A little delay and minor mess with the routine will lead to a huge response by the body. So keeping this in mind, one should plan their discipline routine every day and be strict about it.

In spite of knowing that losing weight is a laid-back process, but for some, it takes longer. There could be many reasons for this.

Unable to control the Urge to Eat

Eating lesser than before, but still eating more than the prescribed diet, might be a problem in the beginning. Breaking habits are not so easy after all. But, with repetitive reminder and checking, one gets slowly habituated with the diet.

Weight is Gender Bias

There is nothing sad about being a woman except they take longer time and more hard work than men do. A woman loses fat much slower than men. They have a tough time at gyms or need to have longer patience to hold on to the strict diet.

Consuming of Food than One Think

A body undergoing dieting and exercise routine, responses faster than a body which is not introduced yet to the weight loss program. At this point, a little after eating can add up to some more weeks of hard works than it was required.

Lethargy at the Gym

Do you often think that you do enough for today and look at your biceps with admiring eyes? Well, frankly, most of the people think the same. But, in reality, always ask the trainer about your exercise routine and follow his instructions blindly.

Apart from these, the body can be less responsive to leptin and insulin sensitivity, a large dropping of metabolic rate with initialized dieting, low levels of NEPA or NEAT. And if the person is suffering from low thyroid level, it might take years to get into shape.